Start Business

Leedonsenco has a perfect capacity to help clients start a business in mainland China to take the advantage of the vibrant Chinese market, with strong Chinese skills, knowledge of the confusing and bureaucratic procedures, and a profound understanding of the Chinese landscape to provide an array of business solutions to meet client's business requirements. Once an expert of Leedonsenco is assigned, she/he will be fully responsible for all communication with the clients for the following process, enabling our clients to get one-stop service until accomplishing the registration.

Our services include but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • Registration

  • Draft and Review the Set-up Documents

-- Equity Agreement

-- Articles of Association

-- Resolution of the Shareholder Committee

-- Board Resolution

-- Letter of Appointment

-- Non-disclosure Agreement

-- Others

  • Government Approval or Record-filing on Restricted-business

  • Review the Lease Contract  

Furthermore, Leedonsenco is able to assist our clients with the following post-registration services:

  • Offshore Account Opening
  • Capital Verification
  • Tax registration
  • Engraved Company Seal
  • Agency Operation of Bookkeeping (Third Party)
  • Customs Registration
  • Social Security Registration
  • Government Approval or Record-filing on Restricted Business
  • Registration and Filing with the Administration of Foreign Exchange for Outbound Funds
  • Others