Legal Cooperation

Leedonsenco has established a close partnership with a well-known Chinese leading law firm, JunZeJun Ofices, so as to help our clients to manage risk and solve serious business problems, avoiding proceedings unless necessary, with a competitive price.

When litigation is unavoidable, we weigh business objectives against legal, commercial and reputational risk to determine the best path to success – whether through settlement or a fight. We analyse negotiating weaknesses and devise optimal procedural tactics or creative settlement approaches, executing as promptly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Part of our partner’s legal services are as follows:

  • Crisis Management
  • Investigation
  • International Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Also welcome to get more information about other legal services like regular legal consulting, compliance, refinancing, enterprise restructuring, mergers and acquisition, dissolution and liquidation, training support, etc.

Michelle and her team members specialize in the areas of commercial dispute resolution, international and domestic commercial arbitration. They are also experienced in corporate practice and compliance.

As a former Judge in Shenzhen District Court, Michelle is very experienced in commercial dispute resolution. Being a lawyer, Michelle has provided legal service for Banks, Funds, ASSET Management Companies, Import and Export Trading Companies, Cross-border E-commerce and high net worth individuals. Her tasks include: developing litigation strategies; conducting legal due diligence, communicating with local government and drafting legal reports; advising clients and ensuring compliance to Company Law; representing the client in various business negotiations.

Michelle works with the Foreign-related Legal Service Team at JunZeJun Law Offices. She has cohesive cooperation with lawyers in the Asian-Pacific region.

Specialist: Michelle Wang

Partner at JunZeJun Law (Shenzhen) Offices