About Us

Leedonsenco is a boutique professional consulting company which has pinned itself on the area of assisting foreigners to start up their businesses in China.

Based in one of China’s most innovative and dynamic cities, Shenzhen, Leedonsenco has a team of outstanding and professional consultants/translators/research analysts/legal experts to assist our clients in the Chinese market. On a basis of strong pools of talent, incomparable efficiency and a sense of mission, Leedonsenco always works seamlessly with clients and puts clients first, to activate value and create value substantially for them. Leedonsenco finds ways to translate our expertise into operational mechanisms that help our clients create value and move from a rosy blueprint to a thriving reality, which is the main reason why Leedonsenco has become a trusted and long-term partner for our clients in a short term.

Our mind-set is the vital elements in our strategy what gives every interaction with us distinctive character. It reflects the DNA of our company and encompasses both a healthy respect for the past and an ambitious and hungry attitude to the future. It is what enables us to be our best for our clients. So far, Leedonsenco has a deep corporation with clients from different countries/places around the world, especially in the Southeast Asia region, such as Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Hong Kong.